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...there is always more to say.
We're here to help your enterprise speak the 
 your clients understand. 


Those three tiny dots placed in the middle of text to denote a versatile range of connotations. Mostly used to signify that there is the potential for more to be said...

What that means for us 

For us, Ellipses stand for the constant need for improvement, innovation and evolution.They mean that our best work is yet to come...

What that means for you

Those three flashing dots you see when the person you're chatting with is typing. For a business, Ellipses means conversations yet to be had and connections yet to be forged...

What We Do 

Ellipses is a communications consulting agency that brings ideas to execution. Our strategies are custom built to empower our clients with effective digital communication across platforms and channels. We craft messages tailored to the platforms where your clients and audiences are most likely to be engaged. 

With a 360° approach to the business of being online, Ellipses works as an extension of your enterprise to develop and distribute communication materials that capture the essence of your business, 

 its vision and plans for the future.

about us

Integrated Digital

Content Creation + Distribution

Big or small. B2B or B2C. E-commerce or Brick & Mortar. Each venture needs their story told in a unique manner, with clarity; and we empower you to do just that. Ellipses will help you say what you need to in a way that gets attention and at a place that gets you heard. 

Websites +
Landing Pages

The digital home for your venture should evolve just like your business does. Ellipses will help you develop, design or recalibrate your website and landing pages to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. With our expertise in content writing, we ensure that your website stands out from the crowd. 

Strategic Consulting

Ellipses has helped businesses at different stages take the digital leap. We help you not only take your venture online, but we also help our clients with digital communication materials like investor reports, pitch decks and corporate AVs. 

Social Media Consulting

We help businesses across industries identify the best channels to be social and drive business. Our approach is centred around optimising your resources and concentrating them to the platforms that will get you the best returns. You don't need to be everywhere - but your presence needs to be felt when you choose to be. 

White Structure


A distinct advantage that we offer is a vast network of trusted collaborators - from tech developers to designers and photographers to SEO experts - Ellipses will help you find the right people to put your best digital self  into the world.We  don't, and never will function with a one size fits all approach to being digital - what we bring to the table is talent and foresight to ensure your success in this dynamic digital world that we inhabit.



...that trust us to speak their language.

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